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Qualitative Research

Whether you’re assessing attitudes and perceptions in the rural heartland, urban America, or throughout the world, SPPG knows the art of developing and asking the right questions. Our experienced moderators conduct focus groups at our research facility in West Des Moines, in rural communities and metropolitan centers.

Qualitatve Research

Qualitative Research Services

  • Traditional in-person and online focus groups

  • In-depth one-on-one interviews

  • Online bulletin boards

  • Usability testing

  • Observational research

  • Project management

  • Guide development and expert facilitation

  • Recruitment services

  • Facility rental

  • Data analysis and professional presentations

  • Recommendations

Online Focus Group Market Research

​SPPG is fully equipped to conduct online focus groups for market research projects. Our team of skilled researchers helps run the online focus group on your behalf through live video or recorded sessions with a moderator, participants, and observers. 


SPPG provides professional recruiting services for your market research project. We recruit for both on-site and offsite projects. Our recruiters have experience in recruiting for diverse projects, not limited to, consumer recruiting, mock jurors, taste tests, political campaigns, non-profit, one-on-one interviews, ethnographies, and more. We will provide a comprehensive sample with an optimal participant make-up for your project to target the goal population of the study. 

Depending on the project, we can pull from our own robust database, use a client database, implement grassroots recruiting efforts for hard-to-reach populations, or provide a unique combination of recruiting efforts. Our extensive database is comprised of people from all demographics, including business owners, stay-at-home parents, caregivers, students, and more. 


Quantitative Research

SPPG collects and analyzes research data; providing user-friendly insights and recommendations. Whether our client’s goal is to measure customer satisfaction or brand awareness, market analysis or political polling, they can be confident in the results we provide. 


Our approach to data collection and analysis is cost-effective and comprehensive. We pride ourselves on continually exceeding our clients’ goals and expectations.

Quantitative Research Services

  • Primary and secondary research services

  • Mail, telephone, and online surveys

  • Project management

  • Questionnaire and survey design

  • Survey programming

  • Data collection

  • Verbatim coding

  • Data analysis and professional presentations

  • Recommendations

Quantitative Research
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