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Sam Fuller

Market Research Specialist 

Sam Fuller joined the SPPG team as a Market Research Specialist in 2022.


Sam grew up with her three younger brothers in central Iowa and graduated high school from Eldora-New Providence.  She went on to earn a master’s degree in political science with a statistics minor from Iowa State University. Sam thinks in numbers so she uses a data-driven approach in her work. 


Before working at SPPG, Sam worked as a teaching assistant at ISU where she shared her passion for data with the political science undergrads. She noticed that many students of political science have a fear of math, and only took the class because it is required for graduation. She loved being able to help her students find a practical approach and pass the course.


When she is not being a data-nerd, Sam is a regular nerd. She loves playing videogames and Dungeons and Dragons and even paints her own D&D miniatures.  (In her current D&D campaign, Sam plays a fish-person cleric named Ishmael, who worships a blob fish named Shudd.)


Sam feels fulfilled using her passion for numbers to support and substantiate meaningful causes in her community. She enjoys the positive change that is a direct result of her work at SPPG. 

More About Sam

Moments I cherish: 
  • Playing cards at the kitchen table with my family, even though my great-grandma was a sore loser and an even worse winner. 

Dream vacation
  • A few days in a small cabin in a snowy mountain with a hot tub, completely unplugged from the outside world.

Favorite place in Iowa: 
  • The timber by my grandpa’s house. It’s miles of beautiful woods that leads to the Iowa river. Most of my favorite childhood memories happened in those woods.

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