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One Economy

One Economy works to eliminate racial, economic, and other disparities in the African American community in Polk County, Iowa by directly addressing 5 key areas: Employment, Financial Inclusion, Education, Housing, and Health.

SPPG was brought on from the beginning to support The Directors Council’s vision for the One Economy initiative. Our work started with the 2017 State of Black Polk County report which highlighted the experiences of Black community members through their stories and data. A couple years later, we created the 2020 Blueprint for Action report to provide an update to the data and concrete steps to address disparities in Polk County, Iowa.

Our work on these important reports was comprehensive and required that we utilize many of our top-notch services. SPPG facilitated small-group discussions with over 110 members of the Black community, identified and analyzed data about outcomes for Black Polk County residents, coordinated working groups to develop solutions to address the racial disparities that were identified through data and community feedback, and presented all of this information in designed reports, executive summaries, and presentations to share with the public.

The One Economy work, which includes rich data and substantive plans for the community, has received substantial media attention and appreciation from leaders in Polk County. Several local nonprofits and government agencies have used the data provided in these reports to influence their own work and collectively focus on reducing disparities in the community. Our team at SPPG is proud to have contributed to this movement in Polk County which has impacts that will be felt for years to come.

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The Blueprint for Action (2020)

Full Report     |     Executive Summary

State of Black Polk County Report (2017)

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