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Heartland Rural Physicians Alliance

Established in 2012, the Heartland Rural Physician Alliance (HRPA) focuses on patient-centered care and better health outcomes for patients. HRPA members are independent physicians and clinics across Iowa. Joining together, they are committed to ensuring their practices make steady progress toward achieving the triple aim of better care, healthier populations, and lower costs. The organization currently participates in accountable care organizations (ACOs) as a Medicare Shared Savings Program.

As a small non-profit, Heartland Rural Physicians Alliance needed additional support to run the day-to-day operations of their organization. That’s where SPPG comes in. Our team provides organizational and administrative support to Heartland Rural Physicians Alliance (HRPA), including event planning, financial reporting and management, meeting coordination, association management, and website development.

SPPG’s talented Chief Financial Officer manages the organization’s finances, from financial reports to tax filings and everything in between. Our program managers help the association plan and execute two annual Learning Collaboratives, coordinate bimonthly Board meetings, share information out across member practices, and streamline member recruitment efforts. Our graphic designer manages the organization’s website along with creating visually-appealing recruitment materials, reports, and other pieces for the organization. SPPG’s support ensures that HRPA members can focus their time and energy on activities that are crucial to the organization’s mission.

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