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Caucus for Kids

The main goal of the Caucus for Kids campaign was to elevate issues faced everyday by the nation’s children and families. Through electoral advocacy, Caucus for Kids pressed all 2020 presidential candidates to tell the voters where they stood on the issues of children’s healthcare, early education, safety and wellbeing, family economic security, and equal opportunity by attending candidate events and inviting presidential hopefuls for one-on-one conversations. Caucus for Kids was a successful issue campaign during the Iowa caucuses that made children’s issues a top priority.

The Children’s Policy Coalition, a network of over 20 non-profit organizations, realized that there was a lack of children’s representation among the usual hot-button issues that rise to the top of candidate platforms. The Children’s Policy Coalition then formed the Caucus for Kids issue campaign to provide an electoral advocacy arm for the non-profits involved in the coalition.

SPPG supported the Caucus for Kids campaign by providing staff for the project. Our team of program managers created the campaign work plan and offered support in many ways, including meeting with presidential campaign staff, attending events across the state to connect with voters and caucus-goers, and hosting voter registration drives and debate watch parties with a focus on children’s issues. We also furthered advocacy efforts by writing and distributing opinion editorials and letters to the editor to statewide publications, conducting an analysis of primary debates, and drawing up press releases.

SPPG’s main focus for the Caucus for Kids campaign was to get as many presidential candidates on record about the issues that most impact Iowa’s children and families. We achieved this goal by attending candidate events and asking questions during live Q&A, as well as by inviting candidates to have facilitated conversations with advocates from the Children’s Policy Coalition. All of these candidate conversations and encounters were recorded and made readily available for Iowa voters, so that they could caucus with kids in mind.

Learn More About the Work

President Biden Candidate Conversation:

Vice President Kamala Harris Candidate Conversation:

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