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Political Advocacy at SPPG

The legislative session is nearly upon us! It’s time to make plans to ensure you have information and tools to be successful in what will be an active session before the 2018 elections.

SPPG can help you make the legislative session great - or just survive. Watch this 30-second video for how.

SPPG - Political Advocacy from SPPG on Vimeo.

Interested in learning more? Contact Bradley Knott at

SPPG can help you through our expanded services to:

  1. Fine tune your message: Whether it’s a traditional, online or flash poll,  or a focus group, we can find the message that works best.   

  2. Strengthen political advocacy: Ensure your organization's members or employees are ready and able to support your efforts in the State House and locally when legislators come home.

  3. Enhance your digital communications: Whether its “geo-fencing,” micro-targeting on Facebook or other social media support - at very little cost we can “swarm” policy makers and media with your message so it feels to them like you spent substantial sums.     

SPPG recently acquired Essman Research. The merging of two iconic Des Moines companies with a combined 73 years service means that our customers get the same great service and commitment to move policy forward in Iowa, regionally and nationally.

If you are looking for insightful opinions from voters, SPPG+ER offers phone, online and email survey capability along with message testing in state-of-the-art focus group facilities.

In addition to acquiring Essman Research, we are partnered with Haymakers Media for cutting edge digital campaigns. Whether it’s finding members or employees who are politically active, to finding new supporters or persuading policymakers or training your people to be advocates locally, SPPG/Haymakers is ready to help.

Whether your needs are strategic planning, issue advocacy, strategic communications, training or digital solutions, SPPG+ER+Haymakers can help you meet your goals.

Contact Bradley Knott at for more information.

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