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Managing Our Own Change

Change is good! SPPG welcomed new co-owners on September 1, 2016. Brad Knott and John Norris have relocated back to Iowa and partnered up as the new owners of SPPG. We are celebrating! We are happy to also celebrate that we are pretty good at managing our own change.

Managing change to positively impact the community, state, and world around us is one of SPPG’s values and foundational premises of the work we do with and for our clients. We also apply those values and premises to ourselves.

We at SPPG had a quiet 10-year transition plan based on Tom’s desire to work full-time till he turned 70, and at 70 years and 1 month, he backed away from the full-time days in the office. At the same time, for the last 18 months, we had put the feelers out for interest in buying SPPG. But it couldn’t be just anyone; the mission and values of SPPG needed to be maintained.

John and Brad fit SPPG perfectly with their outlook on life, policy expertise, understanding of politics, and eagerness to immerse in the many issues and opportunities we have always sought out. And part of managing change is to make it work, and these two “get” that. The staff are also excited and know that they and the work they do will continue to be important and valued. Clients can rest assured that this transition won’t bring changes in our current and planned work, and in most cases, the change will be invisible.  

Click Brad and John's photos below to check out their SPPG bios. Welcome these two talented Iowa boys back to their home state. If you want to meet them or reconnect, just get in touch. They are well on their way to make and manage all kind of issues and change. The next era of SPPG has begun! 

Bradley T Knott

John Norris

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