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A Tribute to Tom Parks

September 15, 2016

This man was a real character. I mean, he was always up to something! He always had more ideas than one brain deserves to create – some of them were pretty darn good – and he often had more opinions than ideas. And the best thing about him was that he also HAD character. You couldn’t find a better human being anywhere.

Tom Parks died on September 9 after having more adventures, successes, struggles, ideas, and accolades than many could cram into nine lifetimes. At one point about 20 years ago I asked him how many countries in the world he had NOT visited. The answer: 2.

SPPG knew Mr. Parks very well. He was one of our “adjunct” staff for many years, and simply a friend and advisor for many more. A more giving and loyal person you cannot find. His passions were in children’s welfare and international trade. He tossed in a healthy dose of musical talent and a sense of humor that is hard to describe. Every conversation ended with a joke.

Many will miss Tom for one or more of the meanings of “character.” We extend our condolences to Mary and the family.

As Mary has said, “I hope God is ready for him!” 

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