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Natasha Shipp

Program and Research Manager

Natasha graduated Summa Cum Laude from Simpson College in May 2021 with a degree in political science and applied philosophy and a concentration in the honors program. She was honored as both the Outstanding Senior in Political Science and the Norman Thomas Outstanding Senior in Philosophy. A proud, lifelong Iowan, Natasha joins us from Oskaloosa, Iowa. 


Policy has always been personal for Natasha. Growing up learning how to navigate the healthcare system for her mother and grandparents showed her just how many people need an advocate to uplift their voices and create real, systemic change. Natasha continued to cultivate her passion for public service while debating in high school, leading her to intern on her first political campaign in 2015 and 2016. Later during her time at Simpson, Natasha enjoyed several wonderful opportunities such as interning on two campaigns, attending a civic engagement conference at the Harvard Institute of Politics, and volunteering her time to several other organizations. 


Outside of work, Natasha enjoys continuing her education, now informally, through her work as the assistant editor for Janus Head, a journal of interdisciplinary studies in literature, continental philosophy, phenomenological psychology, and art. When not diving into the next philosophical text or problem that sparks her interest, Natasha enjoys reading and watching all things science fiction. 


Natasha continuously appreciates SPPG’s ability to bring people to the table. Regardless of the issue, SPPG’s commitment to moving the needle is inspiring in a world seemingly full of stalemates and barriers. 



More About Natasha

Moments I cherish:
  • The quiet hum of a coffee shop

  • Mornings where my cat curls up on my chest to soak in a few more minutes of rest

Movie concession choice:
  • The largest bucket of popcorn available and a Diet Coke.


When I was 6, I wanted to be:
  • A veterinarian. I had my heart absolutely set on it. However, the first time I saw more blood than your standard cut, I passed out. 

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