Kasi Krehbiel




Pick up your copy of the Dictionary of Professional Stereotypes. In looking under “Accountants,” you will most surely not find a picture of Ms. Krehbiel. Kasi counteracts any old accounting stereotype. With her wonderful sense of humor, and her active participation and understanding of SPPG projects, Kasi communicates with comfort and ease with all SPPG clients, vendors, and staff.

Kasi was born in Iowa and spent her Wonder Bread years in Ankeny. She graduated from Upper Iowa University with a B.S. in Accounting and now lives in Bondurant.

Kasi earned her accounting stripes through school, experience, and hard work. After her first job at Woolworth’s and then as a teenager fitting shoes, Kasi worked in bookkeeping and accounting at smaller companies and later at larger corporations, including the Lazy M, printing and paper companies, and EMC. Prior to coming to SPPG in 2005, Kasi was a staff accountant at the Jacobson Companies, where she handled the financials for several warehouse companies.

It isn’t that she loves numbers so much. In fact she says she “hates math,” but, instead, delights in “solving the puzzle.” That means making the numbers fit together and the projects’ budgets work. At SPPG, Kasi has the day-to-day responsibility for tracking all financial transactions for every project and affiliate organization, as well as all of SPPG’s internal financials.

That penchant for solving puzzles has led to Kasi’s role expanding gradually over the years, sometimes intentionally and sometimes just because someone has to organize stuff at SPPG. And she is good at it. She can make our various “trains” run on time – handling logistics for events, transportation, vendor services, and pizza orders for very special lunches. Krehbiel even has an award of sorts for managing suite build-out and organizing our company move to our current location. She followed that up by orchestrating two additional build-outs as we’ve expanded in the last years.

You never know where you’ll find Kasi – fixing technology glitches, peering through her reading glasses at the numbers on her computer screen, or coming up with a better mouse trap for SPPG. Sometimes she sneaks in a little time to share the latest videos of her two grandkids.

Certainly, no stereotype of accountants or any other person or professional is fair. And like most accountants, she is consistently precise in how she works. But to watch Kasi be an active member of the project teams, glide around the office taking care of business, and making sure all the numbers add up and the puzzle is complete, she certainly breaks the mold.