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Hannah Gebhart

Senior Graphic Designer

Hannah Gebhart joined SPPG + Essman Research in 2009 and is our team’s Senior Graphic Designer.


While pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Drake University, she embraced that a good design is defined by the experience of its user. This continues to be reflected in the client brands and campaigns she lends her expertise to. Hannah's diverse set of artistic talents and design skills allow SPPG to provide a multitude of creative solutions to our clients, including the development of infographics, reports, flyers, logos, web development, and promotional materials. 


Hannah’s artistry extends further than graphic design and led her to launch a printmaking and paper art business, DinoCat Studio. Often with her collaborative cats and dog by her side, she produces original artwork created start-to-finish by hand. Hannah thrives on the tactile process of creating artwork, carving scenes out of wood and linoleum blocks, and building images up using paper. Working with her hands to create something out of raw materials has always fascinated her, and Hannah is constantly challenging herself to ensure her design style continues to evolve and grow. 


No matter the time, place, or activity, creativity follows where Hannah goes. When Hannah isn’t creating for SPPG + Essman Research or DinoCat Studio, you can find her providing personalized artistic experiences for kids and taking in all the cultural activities Des Moines has to offer. 


With over a decade at SPPG + Essman Research, Hannah strives to continue the legacy of providing creative solutions that make meaningful change for Iowans. 


More About Hannah

A few things about me:
  • I’m extremely food motivated. Extremely. 

  • A piece of artwork I made is hanging in the elementary school Dr. Tererai Trent rebuilt in Zimbabwe. Oprah Winfrey named Dr. Trent her “all-time favorite guest” in 2011. 

Best piece of advice I’ve been given:
  • Stay curious, consider different perspectives, and take the time to experiment. Know that the journey is more important than the immediate result.