Bri Steirer

Senior Program Manager

There is an “e” in Hartland, but we’ll get to that later. Bri to us is a native of Hartland, Wisconsin, a town of about 9,000 in southeast Wisconsin. She claims to be a homebody in the truest sense, which she attributes to being an only child, and remains close to her parents, traveling back to her Hartland quite often. She attended a K-12 Christian school in her upper middle class hometown. That was the calm before she started to make waves.

For someone who says she’s not a risk taker, she’s done some risky things. For example, she “broke character” in high school when she realized she didn’t fit the “classic pious” mold of the very conservative Christian school she attended for 13 years. She saw that the economic and political events around her were not in keeping with her thoughts of what was in the best interests of regular people like her family. She felt she needed to help make change where she saw it was needed. 

So off to the real Heartland – Des Moines – went Bri, enrolling at Drake University on a scholarship. She was good at basketball and soccer, but tired of sports by the end of high school. She also proved her intellect with academic scholarships and graduating from Drake in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts (Magna Cum Laude, by the way) and triple majors in Law, Politics, and Society; Rhetoric; and Political Science. When she wasn’t playing sports and getting good grades, Bri became involved in political activities. She was Founder and Editor in Chief of the Drake Political Review.

After graduation she volunteered, interned, and served in staff positions for various political and issue-based organizations. There she got involved working to address the issues that so troubled her several years before, as she was leaving high school. Her Midwestern work ethic has never left her. She’s was up for waiting tables, making phone calls, stuffing envelopes, or whatever was needed to make her way and further her causes in our interesting times.

She landed at SPPG in early 2017 working part-time and soon earned herself a full time Program Manager position and is a key partner in the research work we do. Not only is she a very good list builder, but she applies her excellent higher level thinking skills on a daily basis. At SPPG + Essman Research, she enjoys her integral role with the various types of research we do. It’s something she believes in: research using a valid process, doing research “the right way”.

Even though Bri still sees herself as a homebody that goes with the flow, complete with a dog, she is always looking for the positive in life and wants to hurry to pack everything into her life that she can, making every second count. You can tell by her calm demeanor and her normal bouncy foot-tapping that under that calm and quiet surface, she’s itching to make this Heartland a better place, too.