Meet the Team

It’s hard to find a more interesting mix of people than the SPPG staff. With wide-ranging background and experiences, we team up in our common quest to create and manage change in interests and areas important to real people and in the policy systems that affect their lives. Call us passionate, insightful, funny, creative, smart, connected, or quirky – it fits. Take a look and see what makes us tick. 

Jackie Norris


Hannah Gebhart

Communications and Design Manager

Kasi Krehbiel


Briana Steirer

Senior Program Manager

Crystal Hall

Senior Program Manager
21CCLC Monitoring & Support Manager

Britney Samuelson

Senior Program Manager

John Norris

Of Counsel

Emilee Harris

Program Manager

Deborah Stearns

Market Research Director

How It Began

Arlinda McKeen

Keeper of the Flame

Tom Slater

SPPG Founder