At SPPG we make things happen. It’s what we do.

Organizations and groups of all kinds – private, public, nonprofit – are always changing and dealing with public policy and organizational challenges. SPPG is there to help. We advise, we manage projects, we do the research, and much more. We solve problems. We make connections. It’s what we do.

We’ve been around a while – since 1984 – and are known to look at an issue from different angles to find the best answers to any challenge.




Tom Slater

We join Tom Slater’s family in grieving his death on Saturday, March 17, 2018. Tom’s love of life and his fellow humans was embodied in State Public Policy Group, the company he founded in 1984. Tom was an inspiration to many, concocted dozens of innovative solutions to state, community, and issue interests and worked with organizations to implement and manage their own change. You can just hear him say that, I’m sure!...

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Essman Research

Essman Research
A Subdivision of SPPG

Essman Research is a full-service marketing research company located in West Des Moines, Iowa. Since 1981, Essman Research has been providing clients with user-friendly and useful research results. Essman Research asks the right questions, in the right way to discover insights into what people think, need and want. The right information will help you make important business decisions.

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