At SPPG + Essman Research we make things happen.  

  It’s what we do.  

About SPPG

It’s always tough to explain to our families what we do at SPPG + Essman Research. Our roots are in our longstanding focus: working hard on a practical level to manage change and promote public policy serving the interests in the well-being of the people.

What We Do

Our clients come to us because they know we pay attention to their priorities and get high quality work completed on time – and, of course, within budget. It’s our style to work with clients in an open and transparent process from start to finish. We get to know them, how they think, and what they want.

We take pride in our work at SPPG + Essman Research. Learn more about the services we provide by viewing our program spotlight.

SPPG + Essman Research

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