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About SPPG

As soon as you enter State Public Policy Groupís office suite you wonder if there is something just a little different about this company. Maybe itís the art covering the walls and sitting atop the pedestals. Or maybe itís just that there is an abundance of open space and people are talking to each other as part of their work, even though email seems to be handier. SPPGís organizational culture and practice are informal but professional, light-hearted but intensely focused. The company embraces the reality that good policy requires diligent work and real involvement of those who have a stake in the outcome. Since 1984, we have stuck by our core mission Ė creating and managing change in interests and areas important to real people and in the policy systems that affect their lives. It has required the company to adapt as interests shift and the world around us places new demands on systems. Now in our 26th year, we still find excitement and enjoyment in working hard to accomplish outcomes we believe are important. As policy and organizational consulting companies go, SPPG continues to make its mark for the interests of our private, nonprofit, and public sector clients in Iowa and well beyond. Not a little of that success is because we are just a bit different in how we see the world.

SPPG Staff

State Public Policy Groupís staff is a group of people with uncommon interests and backgrounds with a common interest in doing good work and creating better policy to support a bright future. Over the years, SPPG staff members have had a hand in hundreds of exciting projects, and we have seen amazing results. Because we take our work so personally, we would like to share who we are (and who we have been) with you.