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Organizations and groups of all kinds – private, public, nonprofit – are always changing and dealing with public policy and organizational challenges. SPPG is there to help. We advise, we manage projects, we do the research, and much more. We solve problems. We make connections. It’s what we do.

We’ve been around a while – since 1984 – and are known to look at an issue from different angles to find the best answers to any challenge. 


The Vast Effects of Bullying

For the longest time, a kid picking on another kid on the playground was viewed as "just a part of life"; a sort-of "rite of passage" into adulthood. This is no longer the case and bullying ought not to be accepted as such. Bullying has relatively recently become a more pressing issue in the media and in public discourse. This is not because bullying did not exist before, but because it has been one of those issues with which, for various...


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