At SPPG we make things happen. It’s what we do.

Organizations and groups of all kinds – private, public, nonprofit – are always changing and dealing with public policy and organizational challenges. SPPG is there to help. We advise, we manage projects, we do the research, and much more. We solve problems. We make connections. It’s what we do.

We’ve been around a while – since 1984 – and are known to look at an issue from different angles to find the best answers to any challenge. 


The Life of a SPPG Intern

Let me take you back to my first day at SPPG — it was a Monday in January, and it was very, very cold. I walked into the office in a tie and cardigan, dressed more out of fear of fitting in in the midst of a new, presumably-uncomfortable setting. I "checked in" to get to work and was notified of the regular staff meeting that would happen that morning. Shortly after, the staff headed back to the conference room. As every member of the SPPG team...


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