At SPPG we make things happen. It’s what we do.

Organizations and groups of all kinds – private, public, nonprofit – are always changing and dealing with public policy and organizational challenges. SPPG is there to help. We advise, we manage projects, we do the research, and much more. We solve problems. We make connections. It’s what we do.

We’ve been around a while – since 1984 – and are known to look at an issue from different angles to find the best answers to any challenge. 


Have You Noticed the Art?

I hope you noticed the banners at the top of our web page. What do you think? They are snippets of just a few of the dozens of pieces of original art (mostly) that help reflect our office culture. Some of us would let the artwork show through more strongly on our website, much as it surrounds us every day as we work.

This isn’t any old art. Almost without exception, the art, sculpture, and other pieces are works of Iowa artists, reflect the issues...

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